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1st Shift Tales - Grimm_Wolfe - 09-11-2017

Well, this will be an active continuation of the 3rd Shift Tales thread, as I've started a new job at yet another food place.  This time, morning shift at a donut shop.  Different shop, same shit it would seem-albeit the people are nicer.

Names will be changed or omitted.  This thread will list the ups and downs of working in a restaurant business, and all the dirty secrets and observations I notice.  Like the book, "Down and Out in Paris and London", I'll write my observations of the restaurant I'm employed at in its absolute bluntness.  Read at your risk, and patron at restaurants at your own risk, too.  Most restaurants fail in one area or another, so good-luck finding a perfectly clean place.  Enjoy reading~

Day 1:  The new boss-man looks like Scruffy from Futurama, and I silently chuckle at this.  The outside and sitting area of the store looks immaculate, especially with the 99% approval rating from the health inspectors.  Seems like a facade though.  The kitchen and storage areas are grungy as fuck.  Old, brown and yellow grease stains mar the walls where the fryers are located, the racks are specked with random shit, fruit-flies are buzzing around and on the donuts-I'm told, "don't worry about it" by coworkers.  The water-heater was corroded and black.  The boss-man also stepped on a spider the size of a game dice in the middle of the kitchen.

Not all's doom-and-gloom though.  I met a rather nice senior citizen and USAF-veteran that I'll name Mr. Jimminy.  Very cool man and he tells lots of stories.  Told him about my mom being in USAF, too, and we had a good conversation.  He made jokes about my name in reference to ancient heroes and asked if I found my treasure yet.  he's a regular so I look forward to seeing him.

Another man I met was also interesting.  He spoke to me in Spanish, assuming I had a Hispanic heritage of some kind.  I replied in Italian just because, only I'm surprised when he replies in Italian, too.  We had a small-talk in Italian and he seemed to enjoy the odd exchange.

Lots of grungy stuff and meeting nice folks, seems like the usual shtick.  I earned about $12 in tips today and get a discount on all the products sold.  I'll stick to the sealed products, at least I know no bugs are in it.

Day 2: More of the same, setting up and meeting cool people.  Talked more with Mr. Jimminy again, so that was fun.  Spent most of the morning filling out large orders for local organizations.  I ran into a lady I did a holster-making class with, she didn't recognize me at first until I asked.  We chatted and laughed.  She then pulled out her phone and showed me a pic of her kink-dungeon whip she made with her leather-crafting skills, which she also hinted at using on her girlfriend.  She also showed me something else made of leather, I think it was restraints or a collar made of leather.  Rick James' song, "Super Freak", is all I can think of as she leaves.

RE: 1st Shift Tales - Oshakai - 09-11-2017

Give me donuts!

RE: 1st Shift Tales - TheNamesGames - 09-11-2017

This reminds me of that small donut shop at the mall... it doesnt have dice-sized spiders tho.

RE: 1st Shift Tales - Oshakai - 09-11-2017

(09-11-2017, 12:28 PM)TheNamesGames Wrote: This reminds me of that small donut shop at the mall... it doesnt have dice-sized spiders tho.
that you know of...

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RE: 1st Shift Tales - TheOnlyKat - 09-11-2017

Can i get half price on the doughnuts without bugs on them, thanks!

RE: 1st Shift Tales - Penguin - 09-12-2017

Grimm this is amazing, I look forward to more Smile

RE: 1st Shift Tales - Grimm_Wolfe - 09-12-2017

(09-11-2017, 09:56 PM)TheOnlyKat Wrote: Can i get half price on the doughnuts without bugs on them, thanks!
I could probably get a dozen donuts with my employee-discount, and most of the flies gravitate to a single cooling rack because all the donuts on it are room-temperature.  If I pull some of the fresher ones, they may be bug-free.  No promises though.

(09-12-2017, 12:02 AM)Penguin Wrote: Grimm this is amazing, I look forward to more Smile

Glad you're enjoying reading this.  My next shift will be tomorrow, so I'll update within 36hr.  I'm liking the job so far.  Much slower pace and less straining than Taco Bell, the pay's slightly better, too.  I was paid $8/hr as a part-timer at Taco Bell, now I'm making $7.50/hr + tips at this place.  As long as I make $4.00+ in tips per shift, I'm doing better than I did at Taco Bell and for less work. ^-^  I'll probably only stay for a few more months, I got a line on a job that would likely pay better.  I just need to talk with a few people hiring and appeal to similar circumstances that they went through.

RE: 1st Shift Tales - Oshakai - 09-12-2017

Grimm you still didn't answer my question, Where are my free donuts?

RE: 1st Shift Tales - Star - 09-12-2017

This is gonna be a good thread

RE: 1st Shift Tales - Grimm_Wolfe - 09-12-2017

Also, now I learned that the remnants of hurricane Irma will be rolling through an hour before my shift starts, 100% of rain for hours. This will be fun...