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SECRET SANTA - derpedo - 11-17-2018

aight yall theres fuckin snow on the ground where i live so u know what that means. its christmas season and u cant convince me otherwise.

im hosting a secret santa (big shock), chests will open.... whenever we have a christmas event tbh. if we dont have one (unlikely), chests will open december 25th. 

if you sign up, PLEASE make sure you give a gift before the deadline. i had repeat offenders for spooky santa.

i will update this post if there is any further word on a christmas event.

as always, submit your name down below to join the event.


RE: SECRET SANTA - belgnbor - 11-17-2018

Yes Count me in, I love Secret Santa.

RE: SECRET SANTA - TransientReverie - 11-17-2018

yaknow i'm interested

RE: SECRET SANTA - Anarchy_Stocking - 11-17-2018


RE: SECRET SANTA - EMC_ - 11-17-2018

Not first Sad


RE: SECRET SANTA - Cil - 11-17-2018

its just Merry Christmas. . .
Anyways ThatOneWolfe

RE: SECRET SANTA - QuikMiner - 11-17-2018

I'm in!
IGN: QuikMiner

RE: SECRET SANTA - Grim4 - 11-17-2018

I'm in.

RE: SECRET SANTA - RosyTrent - 11-17-2018

IGN: 52_6f_73_79

RE: SECRET SANTA - Ender_Muncher - 11-17-2018

Ender_Muncher !!!