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hello epic gamers - UwuMonkyGamer52 - 10-03-2019

hey guys my name is eric i am from norway [Image: biggrin.png] i want to have some friends to play mnecraft wtith and come here to get friends i am 13 and came from norway i have not an mic so we can use the chat in minecraft to play and chat i like to watch anime and like to watch movies on netflix i play minecraft for 2 years and play on this server 1 days my ingame name is same as mine name on this forums with others number i fyou want to play with me we can play [Image: biggrin.png] [Image: biggrin.png]

RE: hello epic gamers - TheOnlyKat - 10-06-2019

Welcome to HomeTown! :3

RE: hello epic gamers - UwuMonkyGamer52 - 11-01-2019

thanks lol!

RE: hello epic gamers - Ender_Muncher - 11-04-2019