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Hello!! - GamerProPitbullTerje - 11-01-2019

Hi im GamerproPitbullTerje or Stian ( Thats my RL name) and I'm from Norway. Im 15 and my name comes from a funny movie here in Norway. I like fortnite, some anime and a lot of Gaming in general but mostly Minecraft.  I hope to help the community grow and cope with my mental issues. I have schizophrenia  Sad  Sad .

RE: Hello!! - TheOnlyKat - 11-02-2019

Welcome Smile

RE: Hello!! - Cil - 11-02-2019

Hi! Welcome to hometown! I hope you enjoy hometown, and it ends up being your home! I have social Anxiety and hometown has helped me so much with it, I hope it helps you too Smile

and if you ever need someone to talk to or something just message me ingame by doing /mail send ThatOneWolfe or you can message me on discord (If you have it) by adding me @Cil#4800

RE: Hello!! - Ender_Muncher - 11-04-2019


RE: Hello!! - GamerProPitbullTerje - 11-07-2019

Thanks guys, I don't have any friends so thanks for seeing my thread. I send buddy request so I don't take my anger on mu school. Tongue

RE: Hello!! - Penguin - 11-08-2019

Welcome to the server and forums :>