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Hello there! - Niekarr - 11-16-2019

Hello! Niek(arr) here. Been mining and crafting on the server for a few days now. And I really enjoy it.

I'am a builder, and I love big projects and fantasy style stuff, a good reason for my home in the wild to be a magi's tower (although as of yet there's not much magic about it...)

I'd happily show you all around the small tower and surroundings Smile


RE: Hello there! - Rowebot - 11-16-2019

Welcome to the server and forums!

RE: Hello there! - Niekarr - 11-16-2019

(11-16-2019, 05:14 AM)Rowebot Wrote: Welcome to the server and forums!

Thank you! Smile

RE: Hello there! - Penguin - 11-16-2019

Welcome! I hope you have a great time on here :>

RE: Hello there! - TheOnlyKat - 11-19-2019

Welcome! Smile