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Ban Appeal for CupcakeLover16_ - CupcakeLover16__ - 01-05-2020

Server im Banned on: SMP

IGN: CupcakeLover16_

Reason of Ban: Griefing and lying

Who Banned Me: Steasaur

Why i should be unbanned: IN ALL HONESTY I DIDNT KNOW WHAT I WAS DOING, i was farming crops and Steasaur saw me leaving the area without replanting, she questioned me and i was answering her. I was going to place my inv in my chests and come back to replant but i got banned

I would like to come back because this is the server my brother plays on, he is always telling me to get uunbanned so i can play with him.

RE: Ban Appeal for CupcakeLover16_ - Steasaur - 01-08-2020

Crop replanting is a common offence but not the worst thing you could have done.

I should imagine the reason I chose to ban you at the time was that I gave you opportunity to replant but you didn't.

I will unban you but in the future please make sure you replant and listen to staff.