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To the Admins This may consern (Ban apeal) - AngelGod132 - 01-06-2020

Minecraft name: AngelGod132

Reason for ban: Theft

Who Banned me: Steasaur

Why I Should Be Unbanned: My username in AngelGod132 and was band by Steasaur for theft. I have no idea when this happened and what I stole if I could know when and what I could either defend my self or give a reason. I was not on for a year and a half but I have been hacked and my family played my account in that time I was gone so if the times align I could give a reason to it. I wanted to join the server to day with my friend and found this out. The only reason I am making the appeal is to defend my self and get back so I can play with my friend on a good community around me. I found a server I was comfortable. If it was me I want to come back to make up for it. So plz contact me at my email soon so I can sort it out.

Why I want to come back: I want to play with my freind or repent for what i did.

RE: To the Admins This may consern (Ban apeal) - Steasaur - 01-08-2020

While doing my usual checks in old shops I noticed that you had removed and then stolen some 1800 items from chests.

The theft occurred about a year an a half ago.

Please answer the following to be allowed back:

1. Is it acceptable to take items from chests that are not yours?

2. Are abandoned builds ok to take from as the owners aren't coming back?