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Hello - Edvir - 05-04-2023

Just starting out on this server and basically a novice to all of minecraft but learning as I go.  I enjoy the farming, gathering and crafting mostly.  I also try to build the key word trying as I am not good at doing things like that yet at all.  I would be more than happy to work gathering or helping out with things .  Just feel free to chat me with anytime .

Thank you

RE: Hello - Nether_Ruler - 05-04-2023

Welcome to the server and forums :), looking forward to seeing you online

RE: Hello - Edvir - 05-05-2023

Thank you and feel free to message me anytime I am on. Mostly I am on at nights after work on weekdays and weekends it is almost anytime.

RE: Hello - TheGreatCatsby - 05-05-2023

Hello and welcome to the server. I hope you'll find the place as lovely as most of us do. If you have any questions since you're new and something's not clear /warp FAQ as well as /warp rules, /warp money, and many more useful warps can provide you with the info you might be looking for. Also, the staff team is always ready and willing to answer any questions you might have and help you address any issues you might come across, but there's also lots of nice players that are willing to give a helping hand to a newcomer.

RE: Hello - Edvir - 05-06-2023

Thank you very much

RE: Hello - frost - 05-07-2023

Hi Edvir,

Happy you're apart of the community!

RE: Hello - Edvir - 05-07-2023

Hello I hope all is well Smile