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Voting Links
Click each link below to vote!

(Bedrock players: remember to put the . at the start of your username!)

Each vote will give you $25 and 64 claim blocks! Vote up to 6 times per day

Monthly Top Voter Prizes

Every month we will be giving away prizes for the top voters.

For each month, the top 10 players with 145 votes or more for the month will receive voting prizes. 

The fair amount of 145 will allow you to miss a couple days or accommodate for glitches in the vote counts.

First place (Voter #1) will be awarded 30k cash or VIP3, and the ability to  select the mob spawn eggs that all winners will receive. He/She/They will have the ability to choose Type #1 that will be distributed to all winners and Type #2 that is exclusively to first-place. Type #3 spawn eggs will be chosen by staff. First-place will receive a quantity of 4 for each type, for a total of 12 spawn eggs.

Second place will be awarded 15k cash or VIP2. Second-place will also receive a quantity of 4 for each Type #1 and Type #3, for a total of 8 spawn eggs.

Excluding first place and second place, winners at or above 145 (140 for February) that are within the Top 10 will be awarded 7k cash or VIP1, and a quantity of 2 for each Type #1 and Type #3, for a total of 4 spawn eggs. 

Additional prize items may also be given to the top 10 players each month at the staff's discretion.

As always, I will be using the enjin vote statistics page for this competition. http://hometownmc.enjin.com/home *

Enjin has proven to be inaccurate in the vote counts, and so we will no longer be relying on it for Top Voter. All votes will be counted directly from the server chat logs; the votes you see come through in chat! The cutoff time will remain the same, 11:59 p.m. EST on the last day of the month.

Reminder you can vote in-game with /vote
Good luck guys! Get on dem votes
You can send the prizes already if you want. This is easy. Wink
See everything in life as worthless, and you'll never be disappointed.
too bad voting never works. well, lets try
Reminder it starts today
Voted 4 times just now and it hasn't updated the monthly voters list?
It only lists the top/first 20. In time your name will show up after a few days if you are consistent
what are vindicators?
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain 
(01-05-2017, 12:39 AM)ak_orange_peel Wrote: what are vindicators?

IGN: Genocore
After january will the reward still stay or be gone?

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