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Changing hometown for the better for the future
Many people are different in that way we all might not agree on this topic if it's illegal or not you do not have to join if it's bad but we all need to change like adding stuff to hometown like more channels for other things like streaming channels or or advertising channels that advertise movies or shows and you do not have to click on one you can just bye it if you want and that's ok bye me we all have free speech and we can change the world if I was staff I wood make channels for people and what recent to add one if it's good one we can add it all people have is ideas or creation of things and not all people have to agree with me if you find a movies and want to post it do it in the advertising Channel that's why it's there for a reason and why so we do not get into trouble with other people like what happen today on hometown but naw we can change it and work together as a team look fighting its never solves anything on hometown and I call on staff and admins to veto a law into home town this is a new government I am working on it and soon that goverment will open I'll be working on it in the summer time when school's out all of you are welcome to join in if you do not like this then that's ok too and I speak on behalf on hometown and I take opinions on others say about me too

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Changing hometown for the better for the future - by empire1297 - 03-15-2019, 11:09 AM

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