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Jelly's Damage-Taking theme park
Hi all,

I have planned a damage-taking theme park, where every attraction will cause players to take some form of damage and even be fatal in some circumstances. Of course, the area will be a pvp arena so players can die without consequences. It is purely taking damage for fun.

So far, I have come up with the following attractions:
1. head crusher (comes with single person and multi-people arrangements)
2. wither rose valley (a beautiful flower forest with wither roses dotted around, ideal for picnics)
3. drown-quarium (swim with exotic fish, to the death, with everyone watching)
4. water maze (a randomly generated maze under water, try to make it out alive)
5. lava hot tub
6. firing squad (meet your band of skeleton executioners)
7. zombie pi
8. cactus/magma block parkour (the floor is lava!)
9. random leap of faith (a drop that may or may not kill you)
10. Russian roulette (randoms different forms of punishment)
11. mob farm simulator (where mobs farm you!)
12. Wither's vengeance (the wither's descendents are here to avenge its death at the hands of the player)
13. avoid (a void, if I can break the bottom bedrock at all)

Please comment below if you have any other ideas!!!
If people can donate name tags then I can do even more things with mobs!

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