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redrailgaming ban appeal
You had to take a quiz on our rules in order to enter the server

In case you forgot

[Image: MGNlKgT.png]

[Image: MS9qK3d.png]

And in /rules-

Rule 6

[Image: eabkDbD.png]

And in the full forums rulebook-

1: Griefing - Punishment: Lv. 1 - 3 

  A.  Do not modify any property that is not yours without the permission of the property-owner.  This includes the addition or subtraction of any gameplay element from one’s property, such as: blocks, crops, items, animals, NPCs, etc.  A property’s age, state of integrity, state of security, or state of occupation does not alter this rule.  If the property is not yours, do not alter it.

Even if it looks abandoned, is unclaimed- it's not yours to take.

Please update your appeal with this information in mind
Unbelievable! You, Subject name here, must be the pride of Subject hometown here. -GLaDOS
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[Image: BbFygKt.png]

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