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Passive Mob Growth
Hey guys,

I would like to suggest something but i'm unsure if we already have these or not. If there is, please let me know it would be useful.

Well, I was building a small interior aquarium and wanted to put a baby turtle in, but i realized it will eventually grow into an adult, which would not be spacious enough in an aquarium i built. 

Was wonder if VIP could have the ability to keep their beloved pets small/baby. Just like how we could avoid leaf decay or grass growth. 

I also like baby Llama and wolf, but yeah, they grow tho. 
However, i am usure if turtle eggs will hatch..i have not tried.. But still, this ability will be helpful for us to keep other pets remaining as baby.

Well, if its a dumb suggestion or idea, forgive me. 

So please advice!



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