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Gowine's Ban Appeal - /warp coal (repost)
Hey, sorry to repost this, and sorry if I seem impatient, but I originally posted this appeal 3 weeks ago, I haven't got a proper response yet, and frost has already unbanned the two other players implicated in the same grief case as me.

Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): SMP 

Minecraft name: Gowine

Reason for your ban: Griefing

Who banned you: Arayvek

Why should you be unbanned: Yesterday, I tried to login to HT, but to my surprise, I saw that I had been banned. I am almost sure that it is because I mined a few stacks of coal at /warp coal, as XxKawiixKittyxX was most likely banned at the same time as me, and because her too mined there. I had no idea mining there was not allowed. Why would there be a public warp on a huge pile of coal ore ? I assumed it was free to take, and that from time to time, it would be restocked. I don't know if I will get unbanned. Like Grimm said on my previous appeal : "However, if you grief again, you may be permanently banned from the server for being a repeat offender." 

I know the rules of HomeTown well. After my previous ban, I read them again, carefully, and I've respected each of them. Apparently, I have broken rule 1 without even knowing it. I really hope that Arayvek will be kind and forgiving to me, even though I am considered as a repeated offender. If I get unbanned, I promise to give the coal I've mined to the owner of the warp. I am truly sorry for the trouble I have caused to him. Griefing the coal was a terrible mistake. I should have asked to someone if the coal was free to take.

Why do you want to come back: I would be really sad if I was permanently banned without any chance of being unbanned. Like I said on my previous appeal, I don't know any other server that has such an awesome community. I had the Member rank, played peacefully, was starting to build a beautiful cactus farm. This server is truly great, it has a good system, but is simple, and has got the good old Minecraft spirit to it.

Edit (made after frost unbanned the two players cited below : I am the someone who "advertised for free coal". I'm really sorry about that. I thought it was free to take, and for some reason, felt the urge to tell everyone about it. I didn't mean to get  XxKawaiixKittyxX and tymojamamamama into trouble.
Oooh, Sorry about that. I thought you had been unbanned already. I'm unbanning you now.

Just, in the future, read signs carefully
Do you know who's the owner is the warp ?
(04-16-2017, 01:05 AM)Gowine Wrote: Do you know who's the owner is the warp ?

I'm pretty sure it's NukedIceCream's
I'm gonna beat you Rasse you filthy maggot

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