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Kind of introduction?
Hey guys! It's been a while! Sorry for the long absence, it's been a while since I've actually had a computer that could run minecraft ^^; i was so surprised to see that people still remembered me and actually missed me. I'm really glad to be back and reading the forums again! 

In the meantime, I've been working on my art and writing (ManaHasu.Deviantart.com (shameless plug)), I've been getting better mentally and I got married in this past june! So a lot has happened. 

Again, I'm glad to be back, hope to make lots of new memories!
Welcome back

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I'm gonna beat you Rasse you filthy maggot
It's nice to have you back Mana. Welcome Back to HomeTown.
[Image: uQjg3ot.jpg]

I missed you so so so much!!!! Nice to see you're into art and congratulations on your marriage u.u
- KatNip
Welcome back Mana! I'm happy to see you.

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wb!! Congrats on all of that <3
~/warp wool (free sheep farm)
~/warp leshop (affordable items)
~/warp smelt (free smelters)

Welcome back! And congratulations on marrying!
See everything in life as worthless, and you'll never be disappointed.

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