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Banned for "massive croptheft"?
Server you were banned on (SNP/Discord): Main Hometown Minecraft Server

Minecraft name: puttington

Reason for your ban: "Massive Croptheft"

Who banned you: Shisuan

Why should you be unbanned: Because (unless I have terrible memory) I can't remember doing anything illegal. I have been off the server for quite a few months, and I recently thought I would return again, but as soon as I attempt to log in, it says I'm banned for "massive croptheft". I can assure you, I have not done anything such as this, and I'm sure it was simply a minor mistake by the admin.

Even if I have committed such crimes, chances are I was only taking crops from my friend (laza8) with permission, and this might have been picked up on the system, I don't know. Whether this is the case or not, I now know this is not the done thing, and I will try to the best of my ability not to repeat such crimes.

Again, though, I cannot remember doing anything against the rules at all.

Why do you want to come back: Because, these days, a simple, friendly, more or less vanilla minecraft server is very hard to come by, and the fact that Hometown has an active community is really something special as well. I've made a pretty cool settlement with laza8 and robertshadow (check it out if you want) and it really would be a shame to lose such progress. I feel that I could really contribute to the server as a whole, whether it be by helping newcomers, voting, or building cool stuff.

If it turns out I have done something significantly wrong, I sincerely apologize, and I hope you take this plea into consideration.

-puttington :)
This is denied because of the following screenshots. If you want to be unbanned you need to be telling us the truth, Redo.

[Image: jtccNTO.png]

[Image: MYQg5xJ.png]

[Image: M5Rg4wc.png]
Now that I look back, this is true. I've made a redo of this appeal fully explaining the situation, which I reccomend you look at

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