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Ban Appeal for disrespect
Greetings Hometown MC Community, 
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): 

Minecraft name: xInquisitive

Reason for your ban: Disrepect

Who banned you: Saiyaka

Why should you be unbanned: Well, you see, I disrespected some players by calling them bad at Pvp when i was having a fun time PvPing. I am sorry it was very arrogant of me to do so. I decide i want to mature and refrain from using such toxic language. I will respect all players if unbanned i promise. I love this server. 

Why do you want to come back: I love this server and building, and making money. I love voting and ranking up. I love the community. I love the uniqueness HT MC offers. Its such a marvelous server i would love to be apart of again. Im so sorry. <3
Your Best,
First off, to be unbanned you'll need to put more effort into your ban appeal. Secondly I suggest updating your appeal as I recently found grief from you.

- KatNip

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