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Ban appeal
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): Hometown smp

Mine craft name: Portable sandwich

Reason for your ban: Griefing

Who banned you: Shisuan

Why should you be unbanned: As far as i can remember i never griefed anything, in fact my friend Sc0p3_Gladiata and i always played together at the same time, the only thing i can think would be ban worthy is we moved someones wolves off our property but we both moved them so we should both be banned but he isn't so it isn't that. 
EDIT: I've been thinking about any other thing that could get me banned and the only think i could think of was: the enderman farm was not spawning anything so i enderpearled to the top to see if the endermite was even there and it wasn't. i asked in chat if anyone knew how to fix the enderman farm and a player named divergent tp'd to me. I then placed down some cobble stone to try to trap an endermite and together we tried to get another endermite to spawn but to no avail. then shisuan came on and we told them there was no endermite and if they knew how to fix it. I was simply trying to fix the spawner not cause any harm, so if this is the reason im terribly sorry but i was only trying to fix what someone else had broken. I promise it will not happen again.

Why do you want to come back: My friends and i really enjoyed playing on the server and we had a ton of fun transforming a village, but we got a little burn out on minecraft so we stopped playing for a bit. Then we tried to come back but i was banned for griefing.

Extra info: Even if i don't get unbanned i would simply like to know what it was that i griefed, Thats all.
Hi, for some reason I can't find out what you did. So for now you are unbanned.

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