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[READ] Ban Appeal FORMAT
Warning: If you do not follow the rules for this subforum, you will be directed to this page with no other explanation. If your rulebreaking becomes problematic, you may be temp banned/banned on the forums or server.

The rules below only apply to the Ban Appeals subforum under the General section of the forums.


Copy and paste this when creating a ban appeal
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): Your text

Minecraft name: Your text

Reason for your ban (exactly what it says when you try to log in!): Your text

Who banned you: Your text

Why should you be unbanned (Why should we give you a second chance?): Your text

Why do you want to come back: Your text

PSA - XRAYING appeals are accepted on very few occasions. An x-ray appeal must be long and well written in order to even be considered. Before making an xray appeal, please put as much effort as possible or it will be denied. 

1. Be honest: lying/making up excuses will not get you unbanned. We already have all of the evidence, trying to lie won't get you out of your ban because we can see through it.

2. Use effort: Moderators want to unban you, but not unless you actually put some effort into trying to get unbanned. Write a detailed appeal explaining what you did wrong, why it was wrong, and what you should've done instead. Make us want to unban you. One or two sentences makes us want to deny your appeal.

3. Post your appeal in your own thread: If you post your appeal on someone else's thread, we will not be happy and we will not accept it, and we will tell you to move it.

4. Do not put a poll on your appeal: the process of your becoming unbanned is not democratic, nor is it by popular demand. A poll will only serve to hurt your ban appeal.

5. Be patient and mature: if you explode on us or disrespect us, you won't get unbanned. Period. Also, make sure that you patiently wait for a staff member to review your appeal. Posting "Hello? Anyone there?" over and over will not make the process any faster.

6. No asking for staff to review your appeal: this includes getting your friend to ask staff to review your appeal, or logging in on an alt and asking staff to review your appeal. ANY ban circumvention using alts will result in a ban on the alt and a 7-day ban added onto your ban if you get unbanned! Don't do it!

7. Write your own appeal: you are the only person who can appeal for yourself. The only time you are allowed to appeal for someone else is if you get permission from a staff member first because of a special circumstance. Otherwise, you must write your own appeal. This includes plagiarizing someone else's appeal or using AI to write any part of your appeal for you.

8. Fill out the appeal correctly: using the ban appeal form below, fill out EACH field COMPLETELY! Make sure you spell your username correctly. Make sure you answer each field, including who banned you. "I don't know" is not who banned you!

9. USE THE FORMAT: the format is above. Copy and paste it and replace "your text here" with the proper information for each field.


Do not post on an appeal UNLESS:

- You are involved in the ban as either a victim, offender, staff member, or witness providing tangible, objective evidence. If you do not fit any of these categories, you will be dealt with appropriately on the content and context of your message/s
- You are a staff member
- You are posting a link to this page because they didn't follow the rules, and NO staff member has replied to it yet

OTHERWISE, you are NOT permitted to post on any ban appeal! This includes telling people to use the proper format by saying more than just the link, or giving them advice!

The proper way to remind someone to use the format:


Not allowed:

Use the proper ban appeal format here: https://hometownmc.com/forums/showthread...id=3&pid=3

You need to put in more effort!

Good job!

Not following these rules will result in a temporary or permanent ban on either the forums or the server. Don't screw up!

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