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Secrets of the one Above
Nether_Ruler has a secret army of nether clones that he gave me to command after he kidnapped and brainwashed me.
It's so easy being evil 
This is the life you see 
The devil tips his hat to me 
Soldier plans to steal my Nether clones and take over hometown
you guys wont ever be able to take over that place. frost is just gonna reset it again and again, until eventually, you guys are gonna run out of cloning machine supplies. which I am making for you out of- err, we could discuss about this at somewhere else. i wanna avoid forum ban as long as i can. the point is, you guys will never be able to take down homeTown. but if you are still gonna try, can Nyandam make a movie out of it? his budget is getting pretty low.
-0,0 days without a sh*tpost

-Forum dwelling since 2015! 
Ofc he can. He can do anything he pleases. Rasse is my secret second in command over the Nether, but I obviously have vast power and control over what he does
Nether's castle has been burned to the ground by firegene who managed to use the rest of his nerdforce to summon up huge amounts of fire to raze the castle, that Nether stupidly made of wood, to the ground.

firegene also intends to implant Nether's future children with his gene of fire to make them shriveled corpses as soon as they come out of a certain place.

How he intends to do it is unavailable right now. This is  so he doesn't get arrested for illegal shit.
I'm gonna beat you Rasse you filthy maggot
Firegene is all talk. He hides behind his bunny costume which he wears 24/7
Nether only knows that i wear a bunny suit 24/7 because he stalks me 24/7
I'm gonna beat you Rasse you filthy maggot
Firegene has the Apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur
since nethers castle is razed he has to stay with his cousin end_ruler who is making him scrub floors to pay for his stay and has taken control of his clone army and suraviling firegene
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain 
Ak scrubs the bathroom toilet seats for End_Ruler

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