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Poll: Do you agree with me view on the automated messages and announcements?
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Changes to chat and messages

I'm a player on the server for a couple of weeks now, and I noticed that the automated messages are quite frequent.
I decided to create this thread because of these automated messages. For me, and I think it's not only my opinion, they are being sent way too often, taking focus off of the chat.
  • The message for guest would be better off limited to those who are guests, and not to be displayed to higher rank members.
  • The message about voting, and getting the money, and the slot token should be displayed personally instead of broadcasted to the public chat. (this could be easilt done with the "/m [name] [message]" command, I imagine you can customize how it displays message)
  • The message with "Votes earn you $$" would be better less frequently, like the "We have a community forum" and "Want awesome new commands".
Also I have 1 more thing which I think would improve the server, if the TAB list would show the ranks of the people on it.

If you agree or disagree with the points above, please leave your vote.
Good ideas, but I think that the chat shouldn't be segregated by ranks. We're a community and want to create a welcoming atmosphere for new players.

As for the automated messages, sending them personally is an interesting idea, but would require a lot of effort and everyone would see the same message, so keeping it public wouldn't make too much of an impact. I may not be understanding this correctly though.

The other messages are the server's way of advertising and helping players. I hardly notice the messages anymore bc I've been playing for a while, but it's every 5 minutes right?
I think that you guys should remove warp trident it is just annoying and uses far too many names
Warp Trident is a player warp and won't get removed unless something is wrong with it, which would be at staff's discretion, also many warps being at the same place doesn't mean they will stay there, in fact, I know the owner has that place where they set warps for future projects until he can get them moved. Also that message is sort of off topic of the purpose of this thread. . .
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