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Fixed Grief
Warp Free had a grief that I fixed after waiting for three days to get it fix. I fix it myself also when ever I try to contact a Admin online I have them log off or ignore me. Yes I know they are swamp with work but this is starting to make me think that this server is going down hill fast.
Sometimes Staff is distracted with other duties/things and isn't always moderating the chat.
You can always send mail to any staff member if they don't see your message right away- letting them know that a specific warp has been griefed. We typically fix it as soon as we can. I fixed the grief, but if you see any more, please consider mailing a staff member if they don't respond to you right away.
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A quick post on here would do fine to let any staff know.

Failing that, Admins aren't the only ones who can fix grief, try asking a Guardian or Mod next time in chat and any of us would be only too happy to help.

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No point in making another thread about this, You already made one!
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