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Christmas Giveaways!
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(11-28-2018, 04:41 AM)Gingapower2k Wrote: Hello everyone!

To start off, Happy Holidays to everyone on HomeTown! I hope everyone has a great holiday season with your families, and safe travels to wherever you may go!

The holiday season get's me in such a mood to giveaway things and be generous to people. As a result, I will be giving away 2 Christmas-Themed Shulker Boxes! As many of you know, I have a plethora of in-game cash and items that I never use, and I figured that I'd offer the chance for 2 lucky winners to receive these items!

Now, before I explain how this giveaway will work, let me tell you what you can win! I will be giving away 2 Shulker Boxes full of items and goodies. The 1st Shulker Box will be given away to a player with 50 votes or less. This allows newer players to receive items that can help get them rolling on HomeTown. Inside this box will be, and not limited to, the following: Diamonds, OP Tools, Potions, OP diamond armor, Enchanted Books, a beacon, and many more items!

The second Shulker Gift Box will contain rare/expensive items that more experienced players may be looking for. Nonetheless, this box will be open to anyone in the giveaway! Inside this box will be, and not limited to, the following: Elytra, Beacons, 1 stack of Sponge Blocks, an OP Trident, Dragon Egg, Spawn Eggs, and many more items! 

Now, how to enter the giveaway! The admission is simple: Simply reply to this forum post with your in-game username, NOT your /nickname, and your rank and the number of votes you have, which can be checked using /vr. (Note: Do NOT put any of the VIP ranks as your rank, please use your rank that you have earned via voting.) 

As per usual, there are some rules that need to be made present before the giveaway begins: 

1. You many only enter this giveaway once. Do NOT put your name multiple times, or you will be automatically disqualified. (Alternate accounts count as you entering more than once, don't do it.)

2. You many not enter your name for someone else. Ex. "xxxxxx, oh also my alternate account xxxxxxx, don't forget my friend xxxxxxxx too, oh also my pet hamster has an account and he want a free box, his account is xxxxxxxx"

3. If the winner of the giveaways does not claim their gift within 2 days after the giveaway, another name will be drawn, and you will not receive your prize.

4. Do not attempt to bribe or sweet-talk me in any way to influence me. You will be disqualified immediately. 

The winners will be chosen on December 24th at 10PM CST. With the rules set out, and the giveaways open, I wish you all a Happy and safe Holidays! Good luck to everyone entering the giveaway!

- GingaPower2k

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