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Cilmas Skin Competition!
Hi guys and gals! Today I'm here to announce a contest! Can you guess what it is? ( I bet you can...) But today I'm hosting a skin competition! I haven't ever really changed my skin, and I've changed it once to a Christmas skin, (I wore it for over a year heh heh heh.) then I changed it back, but today I ask for a new Christmas skin!

I know all of you want prizes so here they are:

First Place: Seven-thousand and five-hundred Smackeroonies. (7500)
Second Place: Two-Thousand Smackeroonies. (2000)
Honorable mention: Five-Hundred Smackeroonies. (500)
  • All Entries must be personally messaged to Cilfe#4800
  • All Entries must have my current underlay skin. My Skin can be found at NameMC or Minecraft-Statistics. You CAN edit the underlying skin to fit what you're going for but it must be relatively the same.
  • IF there are less than five participants, No Skin will be chosen! I do this so there's more of a playing field and people can't be instant winners. . . So try to get your friends to join in!
  • Must be appropriate!
  • I have the right to revoke any prize that has been announced if I seem fit. No /warp Court orders can be made against me.
  • My ign is ThatOneWolfe!!!!!
  • Costumes that go around my skin, are acceptable!
  • Also, my skin is a lion, not a mustached man.
  • Any submissions on this thread will be disqualified!
Thanks for participating! 
If you do decide to participate, put your ign only in a comment below!
Any questions can be answered below.
Ends on December 19th.

And Merry Cilmas to you all!
[Image: ProfilePicME.png]
Picture by Faysilverwood
[Image: Realistic-Image.png]
it is empire1297
i wish more people would be part of it  Confused
[Image: Realistic-Image.png]
Advertise it on the server Smile
[Image: ProfilePicME.png]
Picture by Faysilverwood
Now WIll end on the 24th.
[Image: ProfilePicME.png]
Picture by Faysilverwood
trying to get more contestants
[Image: Realistic-Image.png]
Pls join ppl
[Image: ProfilePicME.png]
Picture by Faysilverwood

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