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The #HYUCKDERP movement
How did I know this was a Greenview thing before even clicking the link. Would be better if you wouldn't call for the downfall of a staff member based on one situation which hardly puts derp squarely in the wrong.
Go derp

and TransverentReverie, Its not at all a greeview thing. At all. . . Naut's been friends with derp for like years
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plz do not do that a gen @AmbularD#6318 and @Deadcore#8359 and @Hiyoko#0505 naw no thinking this is bad plz let them no befor thay get mad and start to ban staff im not kidding i do not want get people ban for this
All right, guys. Ya had your fun, please simmer down before anyone else misunderstands and gets (more) genuinely upset.
thank you

let this be a lesson to staff never pule something like this a gen thank you
Smh this post was completely satire. Y'all can chill, if I was on a hunt against someone it wouldn't be this simple, have a good night errone <3
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She kicked me for making a joke once...
Down with Derp!

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