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New Warp
So yall
I made a warp. And I want to advertise it.
Its called /warp dig

If you just want those blocks from mining/digging
but don't want to take too long grinding?

/warp dig has those resources
(Cobblestone, Dirt, Coarse Dirt, Sand, Sandstone, Andesite, Granite, Diorite, Flint, Gravel)

For cheap prices!
In the true words of some random dude,
"Trash no one will ever buy"
[Image: Realistic-Image.png]
This quoted person is wrong, as ill be buying!
[Image: ProfilePicME.png]
Picture by Faysilverwood
still needa stock up and change prices to cheaper :l
[Image: Realistic-Image.png]

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