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unban appeal
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord):smp.hometownmc.com

Minecraft name:rymanpoka

Reason for your ban:stealing

Who banned you: Hiyoko

Why should you be unbanned:because im sorry that i stole the stuff i did not read the rules in the
beginning my friend just said what i was going to do. im sorry and i will give the stuff back.

Why do you want to come back: i whant to come back because i had really fun with my friend and im
fairly new so i also had a fun time learning
It's good that you realized your mistake. I'll just request this one thing of you.
Please explain why stealing is bad, use more than 1 sentence.
Message was directly sent to me instead of posting publicly.
raymanpoka Wrote:Stealing is illegal but what I took had that person struggled to find.so tsealing is bad bacause You destroy the person's work and time.
now that I know the rules im never gona steal again and im gona return the stuff i took.
and thanks i thing i needed to be temporarily kicked so i could learn of my mistakes.
However so, your reply will be accepted and you will be unbanned. You must turn over all stolen items to any staff member for destruction.
Welcome back to HomeTown and enjoy! Remember to read the rules for your own benefit.

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