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Poll: Are we pumped as heck for this reset?
Tbh about time
Uh, no
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Important ResWorld Info (and me roasting myself)
Hi kids it's me! AGAIN!

Damn, two threads in like twenty minutes? Star must be active again! (Lol not yet, chill your jets)

The resource world is scheduled to be reset on March 24. There is no set time, it'll be whenever I have enough time that day. Not gonna lie, I don't think I've reset the resworld in a long ass time, so this could absolutely result in the server crashing (probably), getting wiped (probably not), or be absolutely fine. So how does this all affect you? Here's some important things you should know/do:

1. Remove your beacons and any items you care about. There will be no item respawning for "oh heck bro I forgot I left my diamond filled double chest in the resworld :/" or anything else. As always, I'm sure we will have an exception or two due to inactive players, but do not depend on this.

2. Remove your homes. If you don't, it's probably no big deal, but your /home rainbow might now spawn you over a lava pit. Speaking from experience, I don't recommend that.

3. The server will most likely be whitelisted during and for a while after this is happening. This doesn't mean you were banned, you're not in trouble, the server isn't down, and please don't spam @Staff/@Admin/@Mod/@Guardian on discord losing your mind. There will be staff members online, and we'll be pre-loading the world to minimize lag when y'all folks log in.

4. There will be lag. We know, sorry. Sad

5. I love you. Mostly kidding, but for some people I'm not. Good luck finding out who's who.
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Hell yeah about time for resworld reset! Also I literally LOVE you so much, sTAR!!!
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September 8th 2018. that's when the last res reset was.
Resworld? huh?
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Sure, why not? I believe a lot of people expressed they would like to have a resource world with 1.13 specific items in it. Personally am looking forward to it.
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