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2015 - ????
Today is the exact day where four years ago I had joined HomeTown, four years ago today seems so unclear in my mind now to even be thinking of where I am in my life. This server has brought me so many friends, memories and bonds with people that I don't think I would have today without HomeTown. Today I'd like to share my journey of my past four years here, with you.

During January of 2015, I had met two players on a skyblock server, (_SebMC and Mr_Sox) who we became close friends and spoke to each other on the daily. Over time we became close friends and added each other on skype and spoke more and more often, whilst playing this server the other two players started to play less and then told me they were quitting the skyblock server to join another. At this time, I loved this server, I was only young and didn't really grasp much understanding of how servers worked, but they had told me we had to leave due to another issue with a friend of theirs (Brockist). I had refused to join this new server they found, which they told me was so fun and had some really nice people on and kept telling me I needed to leave the old server as the people there weren't so nice. One day, I caved in and joined this "amazing cool server" which was HomeTown.

[22:50:52] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] Welcome [Player] TheOnlyKat to Hometown!

At first I didn't understand the server too well, or how things worked or what I was meant to do. But over time I understood what this server was about, like gaining money, building, mining, but most of all it was for socialising. To me, HomeTown is a server where you can enjoy the game, but also talk and meet new people more frequently than if you were to join a PVP server. This was the beginning of what I didn't expect to be four years of my life.

Now, I'm not going to really talk about the bits in between, because its mostly about how things led to other things, people I've met and memories with them and things like exams. But I do want to thank a few people for how they've changed who I am, to what I could've been without them. (sorry might be a bit cringe?)

SebSoxBrockist and Sarah, you guys were pretty much the reason I'm here on HomeTown. You brought me so many memories and I just wanted to say thank you. 

Chicken, although we don't speak as often, you've been by my side since day one. You're a great chickne and hope your kits are still doing well. 

Penguin, who's shown me what it's like to grow up before I actually do. Being your friend has let me see how you've grown up and while you've grown up I've mocked you to then realise I then follow the same steps as you in life. Going through my first 'real' exams to now driving and taking higher education. You're honestly an amazing person and thank you for being there when I needed someone.

Vil, honestly one of the best staff and people I've met to date. Hope you're doing well, if you ever see this. You had one of the most influences as you taught me so much. 

Star, Grimm, DK, during my first few years on HomeTown, when I was unsure what to do with my future, you all helped me with approaching ways to take on challenges and how to improve to be a better self. You all looked out for me and have always been such lovely people. 

Hessel, 4th, two amazing guys who do anything to make you feel better. I couldn't leave you out because you're both so sweet and caring that I had to mention you. Thank you for always being so positive and genuinely kind. 

To the current staff team, I never thought the staff team would actually change so much within what is actually a short time span. The current team is so amazing and I am so grateful to have amazing people to help people on the server with. You are all amazing in your own ways and I love you all <3 

To all my British friends, there are so many of you now I can't count it up anymore. You are all so fantastic and have always kept me company with our different time zone to America. I love you all and you're all amazing. Shout out to Sky, who's stuck around most the time to also meet me <3 and Z0ck3t who's just damn cute and a super amazing friend <333

To those who left along the way, those know who they are, who I've ever called friend, I have you in thought and send my best wishes out to you. I hope you are all doing well out in the real world. 

Thank you to everyone (even those not mentioned) (or I forgot and I'm so sorry) you've made my time here mostly enjoyable even when I've not had the best of times, and I can't wait for another year. 
- KatNip
Jesus christ Kat....

I've always considered you a newbie but FOUR years has already gone by....

We've rewatched this video countless times, but I think it's appropriate to put this here :>

thANK you gOIs foR wOTchIN an I'lL sEe yOU laTEr
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Congrats on four years KAT!!!!
Four years, it's been quite the ride for you hasn't it Kat! Anyways, Thank you for being such a great staff member, and honestly, I don't think anyone could thank you enough for the time you've put into this server, Congratulations on Four Years Kat, My hat's off to you.
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Happy Four Years, Dear!!
[Image: oE7TFS5.jpg]

i was already in a kinda strange happy/sad mood when i read this, but your comment about me and Hessel made me cry. you're a wonderful person and i'm so glad to have gotten to know you, and i would do it all again (maybe without the stupid mistake, you know the one.)

here is to many more years of friendship ',Smile
"Permit my hazard into your plight. Once life sucked, now 'tis alright?" -Epros, Okage Shadow King

Thank you everyone <3
and oMG Penguuu!! :')
- KatNip
Im really glad you and hometown are a part of my life kat! All those evenings hanging out and playing LMS or T-hunt I cherish those, moving on in the world and taking on new challenges does worry me sometimes, but thinking back to those days well it fills me with bliss.

Thanks Kat, I owe you one.

(PS don't forget about 2020 Netherlands trip)
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First of all, congratulations on 4 years! Its always so nice having you around cause you're such a positive person and I find that you have a similar influence on others. Hope you stick around for another 4 years xD
[Image: 41alnqyt9uL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg]

there are no words that can really describe the friendship that we built over the years on this server. i am doing very well with life and i wish you all the best and hope all is well for you! i never really thought that i had that much influence, just more of a sharing my thoughts and building a great friendship. i guess the whole server dad thing you all went on about was kinda real eh lol. i mean to post something sooner but life got in the way unfortunately but better late than never eh. i know that i have grown distant from the server and everyone but you all, and you especially, will always be some of my closest friends. no matter whats going on in life always keep your head up Katnip, you and everyone else will always be on my mind!
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