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A confession
Hello, it's been a while! but I had something to say and I wanted to tell someone.

I like guys and girls. I. Am. Bisexual.

and it feels so good to say that! nobody in my life knows and I will most likely not be accepted as my family and most close friends are very, very religious. if you don't feel that what I am is ok, then move on. but if you DO have the need to say something about it then please do! we all have a voice and ill just ignore the hateful ones.

thank you for reading this, I really just needed to say it and this is the best place I could think of where there is the smallest chance someone I know will see it. if this post is against any rules then please feel free to take it down.
Well you picked a great place to do it! We have a large LGBT+ community on here and everyone is really accepting and friendly  Heart  Personally I'm lowkey trans (as several people know) but I've never gone through with it because of my height and build
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As Penguin said, you did choose a great place to confess what you felt! Almost everybody here is always open to talk,  and I wish you the best of luck in blossoming this part of you!
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Thank you so much! It really means a lot that people out there now know, and even more that most here will be accepting!

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