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Let users keep their inventory after they die
It's frustrating and it seems like it's there for no reason. This really bothers me because I could have something really good and loose it all to fall damage. And then there's the slot machines, which have good items in them but sometimes you die and lose them. Please, I beg you. Fix it.
I sadly don't agree with this. This would for one, undermine the use of /back as most vips use it to get back to their death positons, and would also overall make the server for me a little less survival.
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While there are plugins that make the game more fun, this is still a survival Minecraft server, which is why keep inventory isn’t on.
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Get vip2 and enable /fly to not take fall damage
My apologies if this comes across as rude but losing your inventory is part of the game.

There's nothing to 'fix,' this is how survival Minecraft works and has worked for years, and if you died then that's on you. One death in-game shouldn't require the entire server to change

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