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Player harassment
I might not be a lady but I know it's uncomfortable being catcalled or flirted with incessantly when you're minding your business. Often times if a girl says she's a girl in chat she gets dumbasses acting childish or making her feel, I assume, pretty uncomfortable since they go MIA from chat. No punishment is ever given even when the girl tells them to stop and they continue. 

Rule 1. Be respectful to others. This includes sexist comments. 
   It's the online equivalent of catcalling or objectifying someone. Fucking lame and annoying to have to deal with, especially when it's a clear violation of rule #1 and nothing's done about it. 

Rule 2. Try not to be very annoying.
   Nuff said. 

It's also a rule to not argue or backtalk with staff, and even though there are others who get picked on other than illo I'm just using her as an example because Elite is technically staff. If she tells a kid to knock it off and stop harassing her and they don't I'd expect the kid to at least be kicked since they're violating three rules. 

I don't know if it's wrong of me to speak up on other people's behalf and maybe girls are just used to tuning out this horseshit but it's damn sad to watch players get fed up with it to the point that they turn off or ignore chat and don't get to be chummy or connect with the rest of us. I want to see action taken to keep this shit in line, because I know every staff member has the ability to determine when it's banter between friends and when it's making someone uneasy. I don't want to be the m'ladying white knight riding around like I'm a perfect gentleman with the manners of the 1800's and a fedora to match I just want people to be called out for disrespect and harassment even if there aren't any slurs or fuck you's.
I've noticed a couple cases where players have been treating certain staff differently. Not all of it is sexist, but nevertheless there's a certain amount of targeting that I've noticed. Of course, you have the usual trolls who join the server but I'm talking about players who have been around long enough to know better.

I think this thread is a great reminder of a real issue to be addressed and we shouldn't let misconduct like this go unchecked. It doesn't matter whether you are staff or not, rules are rules. Everyone has to follow them
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