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Appealing a 8 month old ban
erver you were banned on (SMP/Discord): Hometown minecraft server

Minecraft name: Superboy_Rose however couldve been xXFenrirXx when I was banned

Reason for your ban: X-Ray
Who banned you: Derpedos/Uber

Why should you be unbanned: I believe u should be unbanned because of two reasons. 1. It was a (somewhat) victimless offense. I did not grief nor harassed other players, however I will admit that it did give me a significant advantage on other players so I would fully accept the actions of my consequences and start from sratch if I was to be unbanned. 2. If I can recall 8 months is far past the average time for a offense like this.

Why do you want to come back: I still can not find a better server than this one, all other servers are either vote bait or empty. 
I will want at least a minimum of 4 sentences answers per question. On HT we actually view use of X-Ray as a serious offence. It use to be an instant perma-ban. If it appears you have not put enough effort into your appeal it will be denied. If you are unbanned you will need to turn over all diamonds/diamond tools/diamond armor to a staff member when and if you login.

Why is X-raying bad?

How does X-raying affect other players?

How does X-raying affect the server’s economy?
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