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A Storm is Coming
So as many of you guys know, for the last couple of years we have had lightning disabled on Hometown.

The only time you would see it is if a staff member did a /smite

That is about to change. 

We are giving you 30 days from today to cover your villagers so they don't turn into witches, then on the 

2nd of July we will enable lightning for both the Newworld and the Oldworld.

As of the time of posting this lightning has already been enabled in the resource world.

This means that your channeling tridents will now work as expected in thunderstorms once enabled, and charged creepers and skeleton horses should spawn in a normal fashion. 
I can finally make a working wither skele farm
[Image: ProfilePicME.png]
Picture by Faysilverwood
Good to know.  Hate it when the precious little guys turn into witches.
This should be interesting...
finally i can be batman
thog dont caare

1 decade ago
Scary scary lightning, very very frightening!
banana laffytaffy is yum

also rubiks squares and triangles are fun
ok bye

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