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I'd Like Some Items Retrieved?
I was on the server while it was in it's 1.14.2 stage, and when it was returned to 1.13.2; my progress was mostly lost. 
I lost 64 diamonds from the slots as well as a wither skeleton skull and 32 exp bottles and some wood, but I mostly want the 64 diamonds and wither skeleton skull back. 

And I've lost my Experienced Member role since it also reverted back, and I can't vote at the moment. 
[Image: unknown.png]

If this isn't doable, it's alright. I guess it wasn't everything lost in total of my entire time here. 
Thank you.
Everybody lost everything what they made in 1.14.2, because the server got restored to a backup which was created before upgrading to the new version.
I had 6 skulls as well, and I voted 2 days without getting the rewards.
The vote count on the website should still show the proper amount of votes regardless of the rollback, it's showing me the correct amount as of now which is 30.
Yes, you lost the $250 cash reward for the 2 days and 10 tokens, and maybe the rank what you got on the new version, but that goes for everyone else as well.
However, you can still get the reward for this month, because the vote count on the website is showing the correct amount. And with the reward of 2 spawn eggs, $7000 and the 32 tokens I think you'll still be happy Wink

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