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Pickles June Contest!
Contest Info:
Welcome to the June Contest! For this contest you are going to build a 12x12 or bigger Auto Farm of any kind. Meaning mob farms count. 
1. You can not use old farms! I will ask an Elite+ to block log your farm to check how old the farm is!
2. You can not work together on farms!
3. Farm has to be more then 12x12
4. Farm has to be an Auto farm!
5. Have to be Regular+ to Enter the Contest!

VIP 3 or 10k cash

Contest entry ends June 25th

Click here to Sign up: https://forms.gle/1YmH2MbfNwfGFGgr9
DM Lord_voxic on Disocrd for more info @ Lex_G#6818

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