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Community Project (Town Experiment)
[attachment=621]Its been some time since I post stuffs in forum lol (actually just 1 post with similar topic smh)
So....Town BC (Backyard Cove) is still under development, it is a shipyard with some farm and resident builds, we got a bunch of flatland and I am trying to terraform the place to spice it up, some custom trees, ponds, etc

But I feel like building alone is very boring and constraining town members' builds is not appealing to me
Therefore I would like to start an experiment in my town, it goes like this...

BC will be an open town which fellow players can join us as town residents and build with any styles (yes, any styles. Not just medieval ship builds) 
Players interested in building towns or like to hang out with people can co-operate the town and develop the town as they wish or imagine, but you MUST notify the changes to the owner/mayor. You can start a town of your own and use different rule sets, run it at your own wish but as an ally to Town BC, in future, perhaps as part as a country/federation, or you can just develop BC's land and keep it simple Smile

Some fellas might feel the project similar to a concept of "Town Union" I mentioned in server before, yes this will be a project in BC and it will provide experience in future projects in town union. Because town union still remains as a concept, this will provide experience and policies direction in the future, when the Union officially starts.

More about Town Union:
Similar to clans,towns ally together and provides help to each other, maybe build a separate village indicating the participating members' town characteristics
-This still remains as a concept cause I dont have a clear sense of operating such thing, and what to do in this ally scheme

Sorry for my English I know its trash I hope u still understand lol, mail me (my forum name is ign) in game if you wanna know more or participate in the experiment or Union, hope to hear you guys thoughts.
This is actually a really cool idea!
Smile Hope It Goes Well Sounds Really Cool!
It is I murdman!

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