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I was banned from Hometown Mc

My Username is Bicycleguy7

I was banned for griefing but i dont know why.

I was banned by MelanieBeeDot.

I think I should be unbaned because I don't remember greifing anything... if I did... i'm sorry and either didn't mean to or didn't realize I was greifing.

I want to come back because a good friend of mine recommended it to me and i was having a lot of fun playing on it.
Since you claim not to remember griefing, I have provided the screenshots I took of the area:

[Image: O4DvXhL.png]

And here are the roll back logs afterwards showing you were the one who broke it all:

[Image: W0ukRxp.png]

Hopefully that'll jog your memory. Now, you'll need to answer a few questions for me before I will consider unbanning you. In 1-2 complete sentences please.

1. Is griefing allowed on this server?

2. If a build is not claimed or appears abandoned, is it ok to take blocks from it then?

3. How does griefing affect other players and our minecraft community?

4. What have you learned from this experience?


It makes them waste time trying to rebuild.

Not to accidently or purposely hold the destroy button.

I'm really sorry... I remember now, i didn't mean to do that, I accidenly pressed the destroy button and my screen went crazy, PLease let me back in, I really enjoy the server.
Please re-read my instructions above my questions and update your reply accordingly. I asked for 1-2 sentence answers for each question. You need to put some effort into your responses so I know that you understand the rules and that what you did wrong and to show you actually care.
1. Griefing is not allowed on the server. 

2. Even if a build appears to be abandoned you still cannot take from it. 

3. When someone griefs, it hurts the other person's feelings and makes them waste time rebuilding in which they could be doing something else.

4. I have learned to avoid clicking the destroy button when in someone else's build, and to immediately tell someone about it if I accidentally destroy something.
Thank you. You’ll need to return the 40 slime blocks you stole to melaniebeedot upon your return to the server. You have been unbanned.

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