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Tutorial on how to install litematica (A schematic mod)
OK PEEPS So since schematica hasn't been updated in literal years, there's another mod called litematica that is available but it has like 10 steps in order to download. Imma try and Give some visuals here to help out

EDIT::: Make sure there's nothing in your mods folder before starting!

Ok first off you're gonna want MC closed while you install everything or it wont work right- trust me lol

  • First- go to fabricmc.net gonna look like this- click that link

[Image: drUwjhz.jpg]

  • gonna lead you to a page with options- do these options

[Image: dItrDdX.png]

  • Download the installer, run the installer

[Image: ehAJphJ.jpg]

  • Install

  • ok now you need to download some other things- First off litematica itself- if you look up 'litematica 1.14.4' on google it should be the first result, but get it off curseforge

[Image: rCxOZmV.png]

[Image: L6GwHsG.jpg]

  • Download link is in the top corner

  • Next you're gonna need to click the link to get to the Malilib thing- so do that

[Image: WbfoKCD.png]

  • Then go back into google- look up 'Mod menu fabric'

[Image: vnSrRt3.png]

  • First result- curseforge again
  • Now on this page you're gonna wanna go to files- don't download the latest one it won't work

[Image: Jtu8PIk.jpg]

[Image: vI8rxUz.jpg]

  • Download the second to latest one

  • then when all those are downloaded, move the modmenu, malilib, and litematica into your mods folder on mc- to get there (if you're on windows) put %appdata% in your file search bar and hit enter, it'll come up with .minecraft, then there will be a mods folder, they go in there

[Image: 2dnrqoJ.png]
  • Then you should be good to launch

(choose the fabric option in launch options- it will have made its own file- I had pics but apparently you can only put 10 pics smh)

Here's the tutorial on the mod itself


Unbelievable! You, Subject name here, must be the pride of Subject hometown here. -GLaDOS
 [Image: 3QynCgb.png] 
[Image: BbFygKt.png]
That was pretty helpful illo ! <3
- Kindest and warmest regards  Tongue
Gather no other programs, for some reason my minecraft now hates forge and wont load
[Image: HwSS8L4.jpg]
So are we still not allowed to copy and paste builds onto the server then?
There is no paste option with litematica it just shows a ghost version of the build

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