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Ban appeal
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): SMP

Minecraft name: JosephCronwell

Reason for your ban: Grief

Who banned you: Uber

Why should you be unbanned: I think I changed alot since I got banned and I also became more mature and responsible when I play on other people's land.I will also think twice before I play with one of my classmates on this server and take from one of the players (that wasn't only when we played). I also think I should be unbanned because I was actually convinced to "steal" from that players that may have reported us for grief, because that classmate I used to play with gave me the items and we had a lot of fun! But still, I don't think it was fair for us to use his diamonds and iron to make ourselves new armor. I think that he forgot about the incident because of the reset but I still remember it and it saddens me thinking of us (me and that classmate) using his items.

Why do you want to come back: I want to come back because I can't wait for the reset, and I want to play and make a new base. Before I made the grief, I had a whole village and I want to find other ones and explore more!
I would like at least 3 or more sentences per question. After I read your response we will consider unbanning you.

1) Are you allowed add/delete/harvest anybody else's built blocks (not natural), fenced in plants or fenced in animals?

2) If a player is banned can you take over their build?

3) If a build is abandoned can you remove any part of it?

4) If you accidentally break another players block what should you do?

5) When are you allowed to take from another players unlocked chest?

6) What have you learned from this experience?
[Image: keez3aZ.png]
1) No, you are not allowed.
2) No, you still can't, even if he is banned.
3)No, same as other answers. you cannot remove anything, from something that was made by a player! He might come back, even if he doesn't, it's his decision!
4)If you break another players block, there are more things you have to do. The first thing is to contact staff and tell them what happened. You can also contact the owner and apologize.
5)You are never allowed to take from another player's chest. not even if it's unlocked on purpose. Or if is abandoned
6)I learned that I must not break rules, I must respect them. I will never break the rules again, grief. I am more mature now. i hope i can enjoy the greatness of the server again.
Welcome back to HomeTown, Please re-read the rules of the server as things may have changed from the last timne you were on-line. HT Rules

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