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A 1 and a half year late introduction
So ... I don't know why I haven't done this before but here we go. I'm a 26 year old guy from Croatia known as Catking or Catsby on the server (full ign: thecatking23). I've been playing on hometown without almost a single day off for around a year and a half now and it's mostly been great. Love the community and the general atmosphere on the server. Now ... who is this Catsby you might ask? Well a lot of ppl already know quite a bit about me, but since there's this little shitty thing called timezone differences some of you might not know ... and therefore this introduction might be of some use. FIrst of all I'm a builder I build a lot (will post quite a few pictures on this thread) from my own big town (that I regret not making a forum build showcase thread now) on the old server - Vtown (which used to be the 2nd largest town on the server, second only to Moderntown) to just randomly doing builds for other people. I have quite a bit of experience when it comes to building as I've been into MC for over 5 years now and building has been my primary interest when it comes to the game. I'm also very very active on the server (I will provide a pic to a statistics page that tracks who the most active players on the server are) so much that only belgnbor has actually put more hours into the server than me (I'll admit i have been a little less active past month though mostly due to being busy in real life and some stressful events irl). I also was the richest player on the server for about half a year as many of you probably know just because I wanted to prove one can become as rich even without being staff (staff players used to be the richest) and without being cheaty. Now, although the reset left me with mixed feelings, (losing a lot of my builds and all) I have also joined moderntown as a builder and am looking forward to building some cool stuff with you guys from MT as well as to rebuilding Vtown again. When I'm not building, mining or just interacting with all the friends I made on here I like to help ppl with either information (for newcomers), money (even had a "foundation" that gave full sets of dmd armor to newcomers at one point but it lasted only a month or so), resources or help with the builds someone might be working on etc. Now, during this year and a half I have made some good friends on here and met some really interesting people I would like to give a shout-out to and thank them. So here it goes. Don't know how many of you will see this but still here it goes:

First of all thank you to Elsio for being a great friend and partner in creating what later became the 2nd largest town and one of the more popular towns on the server and generally one of the first friends I made when I joined. Lately you've been busy and less active but real life is a priority and I wish you all the best.

Illogical. Thanks for being awesome as staff and a compassionate person always there for me even when I was and when I am going through difficult times. We also went together through some events I have fond memories of such as making that arena together that won the competition and generally just doing all these small things together- keep doing what you're doing and I wish you all the best both on the server and in real life - you deserve it.

Z0ck3t - my partner in crime heh. Thanks for being a great builder of approximately equal skill and helping me build Vtown and bring it to its full glory and thanks for putting up with me as a boss as I tend to be picky when it comes to builds and building xD

Steasaur - Although it may seem a bit rude towards other staff members (but that is not my intention at all) thanks for being my favorite staff member, dinosaur and just a very cool guy in general who's also been there for me even through difficult times.

Belgnbor - Thanks for always being willing to talk to me about all sorts of things, for being a great friend, for helping me flatten stuff at the town, gifting me tons of animals for warp vzoo and much much more.

Guy and Uber - Thanks for being awesome as staff and 2 ppl that were the first ones to welcome me when I had just joined the server for the first time.

Biscuit - Even tho you're not on here anymore you're one of the greatest builders I met and one of the first friends I made after Elsio. Thanks for everything we went through together - wish you good luck with your server

Kat - Thanks for being such a positive person and making me and us all pick up on these positive vibes when you're around, and also for being great as staff.

Lildevilian - You were the first staff I had interactions with and the one that answered all my noobish questions with patience and you stayed that way throughout my stay on HT and I thank you for that. I'm sure you'll be great as a boss too when working together on Moderntown now Smile

Legendaryrty - Thanks for all the builds and build ideas we exchanged all the stuff we talked about and being a great guy. Same goes for Sleepysonya

Thatonewolfe/Cil - you were the 3nd person I ever met and became friends with on HT. Thanks for always being there to talk to me and being a cool builder and person hope all goes well with your school and irl stuff.

Odinslegacy - the first friend I made. Sadly you're not as active as you used to be. You probably won't see this, but still thanks a lot.

Also thanks to the rest of the staff team and everyone I might've unintentionally left out. For all those that are yet to meet me feel free to msg me when you see me online - I'm generally looking forward to making new friends, meeting new ppl and just having a nice chat or doing some stuff together.

 Well that's it. English is not my 1st language (as I'm Croatian obviously) so I apologize for the mistakes I have made writing this ... and I'm also not that great at writing this sort of thing but I tried my best. See you all on the server I guess. I will add (once I figure out how) some pictures of the builds I made


[Image: G2RdCWP.jpg]So this is the build I'm probably proud of the most. It's /warp vpalace or /Warp catquarters on the old server. It's a 250 ish x 100 ish blocks megabuild baroque palace.

[Image: JWVD3Mr.jpg]This is vtown townhall with library on its right side and streets of rowhouses on both left and the right side

[Image: gh4qjw5.jpg]
There are many streets like this so I'll only upload some of them

[img]blob:https://imgur.com/adafe1e5-38de-4123-aaea-334577b6d559[/img][Image: eXvF5ys.jpg]This is my 2nd favorite build /Warp vcourthouse, also somewhat of a megabuild

[Image: Fu8l5s4.jpg]This is /warp vchurch ... 3rd megabuild and a baroque style church/parish

[Image: prAA6bM.jpg]This is vmall, used to be out shopping mall

[Image: OTG8kqK.jpg]Another street (one of many)

[Image: AdleblD.jpg]This is warp vzoo the biggest zoo on the entire old server. Since it's so big i will just post a few pictures of my favorite animal enclosures

[Image: fbtyBd5.jpg]Mushroom cow enclosure

[Image: aAbFcyP.jpg]Rhino

[Image: 5zCQvaV.jpg]Skeleton horse

[img]blob:https://imgur.com/990e059b-f11d-41b8-bd92-e0a8df63c2a1[/img][Image: wvR7oKf.jpg]Bird aviary in the middle of the zoo

[Image: zmlCgoC.jpg]Deer
[Image: 41alnqyt9uL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg]
[Image: YFFUJP5.jpg]zombie horse

[Image: GzQPcMp.jpg]And here's a few builds outside Vtown first being the hospital that I made

[Image: To9bvJt.jpg]2nd being the ISS

[Image: xCH5F0v.jpg]Here's a part of /warp illogicalhidenseek that I did together with Illo Big Grin
[Image: 41alnqyt9uL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg]
Glad to see you finally make an introduction on the forums Smile Can't wait to see what you build on the new server, Vtown 3.0? It's too bad you had to restart vtown, but I do wish you luck on being a moderntown builder, as well as recreating vtown, are you planning it to be the same victorian style?
Promoted to Elite - 7/29/19
No-one truly knows anything, so explore the world. - Cil
And there's plenty more but I don't wanna bore you all with too many images - Guess that's it for my 1 and a half year late introduction ! Big Grin And ofc it will be victorian as it is in it's name Vtown = Victorian town xd
[Image: 41alnqyt9uL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg]
awe <3 tysm (im still trying to learn Croatian)
- KatNip
(10-11-2019, 01:25 AM)TheCatKing Wrote: And there's plenty more but I don't wanna bore you all with too many images - Guess that's it for my 1 and a half year late introduction ! Big Grin And ofc it will be victorian as it is in it's name Vtown = Victorian town xd

I mean, it coulda been a Villa-Town O.o
Promoted to Elite - 7/29/19
No-one truly knows anything, so explore the world. - Cil
Aww thanks for mentioning me, your a great person, had a lot of fun collecting all those animals for vzoo. I love all your builds and I miss my house in vtown (it did make it into the pics above, yipee). Thanks for chatting and being patient trying to teach me how to build trees. You left your mark on many builds around the old server.
[img][Image: MzzZfHb.jpg?2][/img]

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