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Hello everyone.

I am relatively new to Minecraft. I started playing my solo survival games earlier this year, and now I'm ready to be a bit social and play a little friendly multiplayer! I've shopped around and this server looks like the sort of casual vanilla experience I'm interested in.

I've been into a lot of competitive online games over the years, and I've even been pretty serious about them at times, but as I get older I'm more interested in using my game-time to relax after work, chat with friends, and be creative in a low-pressure environment. Games like Stardew Valley and 90s-style JRPGs have occupied a lot of my free-time.

I also play tabletop and live-action RPGs so a little light RP won't exactly turn me away either.

In any event, I look forward to punching down a few trees and joining you people later tonight when I get online.
Welcome to the server and forums!! Hope you enjoy your time here!!
[Image: oE7TFS5.jpg]

Welcome! <3 :3
- KatNip

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