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1.15 cant join anymore
Hello everybody,

I have a problem with joining the server.
minecraft has probably updated to 1.15 yesterday now get the error message "Outdatet server! I'm still on 1.14.4"

Does anyone know what I can do now to get back to HT?

Greetings Eck4rd
I am having the same issue and so is my girlfriend
You need to go back to the 1.14.4 version of Minecraft, since the server haven't been updated to 1.15 yet.
Got it
To everyone how dunno how go back to 1.14.4 like me :

Open Launcher ------->  Go on "Installation" at the top --------> create a new Installation and pick the 1.14.4 Version
Safe it and restart the game 
Should work. 

See ya on HT

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