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Hello, It's The Duty Paid here.
Hi all.

The title i used for the post is the same as I use on my YouTube channel. Now you may think that is a shameless plug but I am all but done with making videos. Started the channel for doing Minecraft stuff about 7 years ago and went on to do other things. Was getting a few cents a day from my channel, then that was taken away.

I started to play MC when it was a free tech demo but took a 4 year break from it just after Minecon London in 2015 I'm not sure why, maybe felt like I had done everything there was and to be done. Great to see there is more content and this game continues.

Now i'm the wrong side of 40, live in North London, try to live a fair and happy life.
Been a member of a few servers over the early years, which have now gone and when I recently started to play I missed the community and just the fun of having real people and events happening. Think i found it now in Hometown

So see you all on the server and if you make it to Shadow Town I will show you around.
Welcome to HomeTown!
- KatNip

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