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kinda late hullo
Hello, I am J_Heifetz. I've made my forum account pretty darn late (due to laziness) and I guess I may as well put an introduction here.

I have been playing on this server for over a year, though I have had large bouts of inactiveness from time to time. Only recently have I been more consistent in playing and chatting to everyone. In terms of playing the game, I really don't accomplish that much given the time I spend playing, but I will blame that on my insistence of multitasking.

Considering my username, it is a bit obvious that I am a big sucker for classical music. I'm sure I've annoyed many people by my constant reminisces of Tchaikovsky pieces. I'm also into music theory and that whole avenue of the intricacies of composition, even though I do go off in tangents about it and make everything too complicated. 

I play the violoncello (or just cello) and also compose myself, though I have yet to technically publish anything.

I'm also sorry for anyone (probably everyone) who's mentioned some reference to me and I haven't gotten it because I am incredibly uncultured.

Now hopefully I didn't do something incorrectly while making this new thread because I do not understand how this "create a new thread" page works at all.

I'm not sure what else to add so I suppose that's my introduction. It is admittedly late but at least it's made now. Thank you everyone for the time spent so far on the server!

(Now I have to figure out how the forums work)
Welcome to the forums J!

If you want to chat about music then message me :>
[Image: NwK3xJO.png]
Welcome to the forums!
- KatNip
Hi, J_Heifetz, I'm glad to know I am not the only one who doesn't know what's going on half the time.  I have been on the server for a long time but tech is so unfamiliar to me.  But I've seen you chatting with everybody in game. Awesome job!
Btw, I played viola for many years. Can't now due to 2 previous neck surgeries.
Anyway, thanks for your 'post', 
Boo   Smile

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