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Ban Appeal
Server you were banned on (SMP/Discord): smp.hometownmc.com

Minecraft name: KaptainShae
Reason for your ban: x-ray

Who banned you: melaniebeedot

Why should you be unbanned: I have not been xraying, at the time of ban, I wasn't even mining for resources, I was digging out my claim space under a village getting ready to set up a villager breeder. I switched screens for couple aminutes watching a youtube tutorial on automatic furnaces and when I switched back I found I was banned. I have mods on currently, which are 
TrashSlot (Doesn't work anyway, think its a server and client mod) which just adds a trash slot to inventory so I can delete things on the fly like seeds or too much cobblestone.
Inventory Sorter (Also doesn't work, its has keybindings in options but guess its needed serverside too.) Just with middle mouse clicks put inventory into a cleaner order instead of being all messed up.
Xaeros Minimap (Works) shows a mini map top left corner which shows the layout around me, does not show ores, it does show hostile mobs and lava though, which if this is what this is about, I can remove it, tbh I just like the fact it tells me the time ingame, biome and light level.
Xaeros World Map (Works) just lets me have better maps then the crappy ones we get in minecraft, its not essential so if this is an issue I can remove, its just a quality of life thing, works the same as the normal ingame maps but can scroll out and in with it.

Resource pack I am using is BDCraft at 256x with acouple of resource packs that make more 3D objects swords & benches aswell as round tree trunks and non blocky leaves.

Why do you want to come back: Because I have invested alot of time into the server, honest time I have worked hard for and feel that this is either a misunderstanding or just an innocent mistake that I wish to resolve, I have been highly enjoying my time on Hometown with a very good community.

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Ok, here's what I see that makes me suspicious of x-ray.

In the first screenshot here we can see the start to your strip-mine from your basement door. A normal strip-mine, and on your second right branch you got lucky and found some diamonds. Reasonable.

[Image: gp3a7CD.png]

On your left branches you chose to go down a bit further (this view is looking back towards your basement from the other direction) where you were fortunate to find two veins of gold further down, but you suddenly jutted right and down into the diamonds... odd... but let's move on.

[Image: 45EcfT7.png]

Back on the original strip mine, you suddenly stopped your previous branching in favor of straight into the wall and down to diamond, and then lapis 2 blocks deep, which i'm not sure how you knew either of those were there.. but maybe you just got lucky.

[Image: XS2T9ML.png]

(UL) You continue straight down the strip mine and randomly decide to branch right into some diamonds, luckily, and then (UR) i noticed you decided to drop down suddenly and tunnel lower, then (LL) branch left to some gold, redstone, and suddenly (LR) dig right and down off that branch to a lower hidden redstone vein. hmm.

[Image: INYDb3y.png]

Fine, back on the main strip mine. You again find some lucky lapis in the wall below you, then decide to drop your mining level down again and happen right upon redstone and gold, but not before you had made a purposeful side step to the diamonds above that you almost missed.

[Image: dNdNy4z.png]

Further on down the strip-mine we see this convenient decision to suddenly branch right again, where you ran into some redstone, and past that, quite a bountiful grouping of ores

[Image: SqdUlME.png]

And the left branch at that intersection leads to a sudden right tunneling downwards to bedrock level where a diamond vein hides, and further down that left branch you suddenly tunnel right again into another diamond vein.

[Image: ybHZMa5.png]

At last we get to the end of the strip mine where you were quite productive indeed 

[Image: NRgllGN.png]

So as you can see.. it's all just a bit too lucky for me.
Sorry do not take this as the wrong way, but surely someone who is xraying does not have a need to strip mine? so why do I seem to have a very straight through borrow with offbranches? I normally strip mine, I have one main shoot, which I then randomly branch off from, I am not thinking while branching as there is no formula to calculating resources, I just borrow, I follow strip mining rules to a degree and I vary on depths from 14-8 depending on what I can hear around me like Lava and such to make sure I do not get flooded. If I find a deposit, I normally do branch off down up or off in some manner because I seem to always find another deposit of something near, Minecraft does seem to like to bunch some things together. Even if it is coal, I will mine it, coal can go on for large deposits underground at those levels, and it also feeds exp to my mending pick axe, so it doesn't really matter if you go straight, up or down you will find something so I do not strictly stick to strip mining. In single-player yes, I do, but on a server where I own a plot of land, you might as well go crazy with the tunnels, as if I get stuck or go too far, I can just /home back. On survival singleplayer, I understand why this is bad practice, as its further to travel and less efficient but on a server with teleport, you can just go crazy with your routes. And you may look at my tunnels and can just assume you are playing through the process but I can assure you, you really are not, lucky maybe, but really is having a bit of luck really a reason to ban? I have definitely not had a perfect streak here, I have had my face burned off afew times going straight into lava. and you even said yourself about the strip mining.
I think you're missing my point, at first you gave the impression of a strip mine with branches and an apparent pattern, but it was soon apparent that you weren't actually strip mining, but branching off or tunneling straight to ores from a main pathway. We see it all the time. I gave you the benefit of the doubt for a few of the ores that were close together at first, but you ''randomly'' branch out straight into ores too many times to just chalk it up to luck any longer. It's beyond a reasonable doubt in my mind, and i've had a second and third staff member take a look for second opinions as well.
You say no doubt, but earlier you said too lucky and the reason you had a suspicion, which neither is confirmation of anything of the sort and not all of the tunnels even lead to anything, one of which leads straight into lava, which I ended up blocking off and going in another direction. Its a very flawed system if you ask me, just making assumptions on how a tunnel is supposed to be dug. most the ores I didn't even dig up, I was mining for cobblestone to get bricks to clean up the base originally, but when I managed to get diamond in that first tunnel, and found there was community made farms I decided to get a pick with some good enchantments and then just go savage randomly digging in the tunnels. Like I said there is no reasoning for the layout of the tunnels I only own a small claim of land so there's no point in keeping things clean for a rail system as anyone could just dig up my rails anyway. So I decided to just mine and hopefully find either ore or a cave system so I could find a slime spawn chunk and anything that made noise either water/lava or mobs I went to or away from depending on where it was and how risky it seemed. In respect considering this is just guesswork on your part, a warning should be given and I would at least know that however, I am digging is not considered "normal behavior" or maybe add to the rules that strip mining is how you should be mining or else you risk being judged as a cheater if you end up running a lucky few guesses. together me and my son, on my account have been playing all day and have generally not used any form of hacked resource packs or anything like that and I just think that it would of been reasonable to, if you have concern about something, you could of just tped to me in-game asked a few questions, claimed you will be watching me, I would have explained at the moment of time what I was exactly doing or why I am doing this or going this way and so on. It's just to throw a ban hammer on someone with only what is a guess because that is what it is. Which I know is not true, as someone who has invested time and enjoyed the community had a few friends who were coming over soon, because of the whole mob griefing is allowed so we can actually have villager automated farmers. It's just gutting that because of just me listening to music and going savage with a mending efficiency pick can just get me banned, for not following a consistent way of mining, the fact is at levels 7-14 ore is in abundance, maybe not diamonds but every chunk will have something somewhere.
[Image: TLB13Ok.png]

Yeah, no. This is some of the most obvious x-ray ever.

Appeal denied, go directly to jail, do not pass GO, do not collect $200.
-.- well glad I didn't end up donating to tier 3 today. I am not even going to waste my time trying to defend myself anymore. Just hope new players come and see this before deciding to donate, that unless you dig the way mods think you should, you will be banned, basically got banned for not having a consistent pattern to my dig lines, even when a 6yo kid has been playing as well. Absolute madness. Not even a warning about concerns, or anything. And then just take screenshots of specific parts where I found something and post it like its some sort of concrete evidence. Like I said if I was an xrayer I wouldn't be playing the server if I knew I have been caught or was on a watchlist, I am defending my effort and work which you are just claiming "Eh hes cheated" when I have seriously not used anything. Just shows how paranoid of a server it is if just afew tunnels can make all the admins turn on a player like that. Just over a hunch. Like I said if I was a hacker I would of either admitted it or moved on to another unsuspecting server, but I actually enjoyed this community and want to keep the things I would hard to get. But its easier just to look at afew dirt lines and go bleh ban him, no biggy he could be cheating.

Btw to your pics maybe you should download some sort of ore hacks and actually see the ore I have probably missed, I wouldn't have got them all. And I think you find between 1-12Y ore is in abundance if you dig you will find something in any direction, it's like setting someone on fire and telling them if they move they are guilty.

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