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The names Gabre (the Account-name is taken in every game ever, I swear!).
I am a german (male) university student who recently got back into playing minecraft on a server.
I have no specific building-style, but dislike to use rough-blocks like cobblestone or unrefined Andersite, Granite & Diorite.
No fan of running around in armor either and usually does not even make diamond armor outside of hardcore.

I never play things regulary and just play stuff when I feel like it, so do not expect me to show up consistantly.

The greatest thing in the world for me are outdoor-pools in a cold areas.
When the body cools down after standing up and then heats up immideatly after one has sat back down is an amazing feeling!
[Image: oE7TFS5.jpg]

welcome to ht!
[Image: NwK3xJO.png]
- KatNip
Huh, For some reason my name seems to be taken everywhere too, and mine's either Cil or ThatOneWolfe, usually both being taken! Anyways, Welcome to hometown! I hope you enjoy your time here, for what you spend to it, it's great to see another friendly face!
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No-one truly knows anything, so explore the world. - Cil

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