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Just saying Howdy
I got two accounts. cewallace & oldestplayer
yes i was hatched in 1958, that makes me an old egg. that was a yolk.
i have been playing minecraft for about 13 years, so no worry's mate about me asking for free stuff or help.
I am not a building builder but I do like manual mining, i am not into the redstone stuff much, it take resources from the server. and Auto farms not my cup of tea ether, Dragon fighting - Sorry - at my age the fingers don't move that fast. seems at times brain and hand don't get along. but I keep trying, I am a retired truck driver so i got lots of time to spend on the server. I had my own server for 6 years got tired of all the headaches that come with running a server, no time top play all my time was spent on the server. I just want to play. friends call my chuck, charley, and some others i can't say. you my beee asking why am i here? I only played on two other servers one did not have any economy was fine for building but had no interaction with other players. the other closed down after 6 years. And no I never was banned doing my entire minecraft life.
It's great to see you testing the waters out here at hometown, I can't wait to get to know you if I see you online! Welcome to the Hometown community, I hope we can be your new hometown for Minecraft, If you need anything, feel free to ask me on the forums in pm, or online (@ThatOneWolfe).

Once again, Welcome to hometown Smile
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welcome to hometown! I hope you enjoy your time here
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- KatNip
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Welcome, hope your enjoy your stay on Hometown. We have quite a wide age range on hometown and a great community.
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Welcome to HT! Hope you enjoy it here. Lots to do and discover Smile


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