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8th Monthly Hunger Games Information are Rules
  It's time for another Hunger Games! We've been working on a brand new map for yall! Its gonna be great. You will get $150 for each person that you kill. Prizes will be awarded at the end of the event. So get them kills people! Here's how you play: Everyone will start in a pod in the sky. When the game begins the doors will open and players will jump into the map. Everyone will then start to search for Armor, Weapons, Food, Potions, etc. During the game players will fight to the death. You are allowed to pick up other people's loot! Once there is only 4 Players left alive the DeathMatch will begin. Each player will receive their own /warp to the arena via /msg. There will also be Air Drops throughout the entire game. They will have the best loot. You can find them by looking for the Red Beacons. We also have a way for everyone to spectate the games after they die! You can use /warp spectate to get to the map and you can use /warp deathmatchspectate to get to the deathmatch arena (these /warps are only used by spectators)


Saturday March 21st 11:00 PM (CT)

. This is Central Time so you will have to convert it to your time zone. Please try to be 20-30 minutes early! 


 Go to /warp hungergames. If you die you can go to /warp spectate, if you want to watch the deathmatch go to /warp deathmatchspectate. 


$150 per Kill.

1st Place: $3,000

2nd Place: $2,000

3rd Place: $1,000

Rules: If you break any of these rules you will be permanently banned from the Hunger Games.

1. No Commands like /tpa, /back, /ptime, /fly, etc.

2. Do not abuse any glitches, flaws in the map, or use hacks of any kind.

3. Do not cross the wall around the arena. 

4. Come with an empty inventory. Do not bring weapons, armor, consumables, etc.

5. Teaming IS NOT ALLOWED. If there is teaming of any kind you will be disqualified. This includes giving other people gear.

6. Do not abuse the spectator's platform or try to get back in once you have died.

7. If you accidentally glitch into the map please warp out. Don't wander around.

 A big thanks to our sponsors /warp redshop, /warp beltopia, and /warp cavemart for donating the prize money and /warp catchall for donating all the potions! Go check out their warps! If you'd like to sponsor the next Hunger Games you can send me a DM on discord or ingame.

  Suggestions are always appreciated. If you have any questions you can message me on Discord at Jadon_B #8784. Hope y'all have fun and Good Luck Everyone!

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