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2 Years!!! 1 year as staff!!
[13:05:12] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] Welcome [Guest] Ender_Muncher to Hometown!

Hello all, 

So lucky me missed my 2-year HomeTown anniversary and my 1-year staff anniversary by 4-5 days, so here I am now to say that I officially have been playing on HT for 2 years and that I've been staff for a year now! It has been such a job..... errrr... I mean JOY playing with everyone and I'm sorry I've been so inactive (because school is kicking my behind). Ok, I guess this is the part where I start naming people LOL. 

Big thank you to the people that I've become friends with both on the server and outside of the server, like Wuf, who was the first one to welcome me; Red, who was the second one to welcome me; the entire staff team, for being super awesome and helpful both when I am or am not around; Golden, for being a nerd; Bel, for being the coolest Aussie I know; bluefragment, for also being a nerd; Nehk, for always calling me a Llama; Gacha, for always being nice to me; Mem, for o,o; Swift, Gam, Low, Olivia, Oz, Jadon, Thog, Cil, and everybody else that I know!! (if you didn't make this list you're probably supposed to be on it) 

I hope that my coming years are filled with as much joy and fun as the ones that have passed!!

Thanks again,

[Image: oE7TFS5.jpg]

Happy anniversary ender Smile I think I can say everyone that is a part of the hometown community has loved you being here, so don't ever stop being here! Thank you for being a fantastic person, and once again, happy anniversary Big Grin
Promoted to Elite - 7/29/19
No-one truly knows anything, so explore the world. - Cil
Happy anniversary! You're a great staff member, keep up the good work Smile
Happy 2 year an anniversary Ender, hope to see you forever more, so proud of watching you grow into the staff member you are today, from the very second you joined xD
happy two year anniversary ya little infant !!!!!!!!!!
[Image: g2NnfopJTvWZE_YwIlgVCA.png]
holy heck... has it really been that long?
[Image: NwK3xJO.png]
I love u happy 2 years!
- KatNip
[Image: RudTM3d.png]
Congrats on the 2 years Ender.
[Image: HwSS8L4.jpg]
ayyy nerd got mentioned ALSO CONGRAAATS
uhhhhh where am i Huh Huh
happy 2 years endre!
[Image: zxZznIR.png]

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